"I can wholeheartedly recommend Pilates under the stewardship of Lauri North."

Greg (aged 39 years): Pilates has been an enormous help to my bad back. I first injured my back playing rugby about 15 years ago. As a prop forward this meant I was unable to continue playing and I had to retire. Since then I have had intermittent problems with my lower back culminating in sequestrated disc prolapse on L4/5 in 2008. I had a fenestration operation to correct the prolapse and the neurosurgeon recommended Pilates to strengthen my back and posture. That’s where Lauri came in!

I started attending Lauri’s classes as a total beginner and under her supervision over the last 3 years I have progressed through the classes. My posture and lower back have improved immeasurably and I am eternally grateful for Lauri’s assistance and guidance. Pilates is about the correct positions, control and breathing and under the watchful eye of Lauri she guides us through improving our technique. The small class sizes and direct supervision Lauri offers far exceeds the leisure club approach to Pilates. My front row forward frame does not lend itself to certain manoeuvres, namely ‘the mermaid,’ however I tend to excel in the effort department. I can wholeheartedly recommend Pilates under the stewardship of Lauri North.

Judith Mcphee: Having suffered with lower back pain for several years, and with the visits to the physio to “get me moving again” becoming more frequent, she suggested that I try Pilates.  She felt that Pilates would strengthen my core muscles, which would relieve the pressure on my pelvis, which is out of alignment.

Lauri North came highly recommended as a local teacher, and indeed had a waiting list to join her classes.  When I first started, I wasn’t able to to do all the exercises, but Lauri tailors them to each pupil’s ability, and with time and practice I was able to progress.  I attend weekly classes, which are challenging, but fun, and after a few months I noticed a vast improvement in my mobility.

In the last 3 years that I have been doing Pilates, I haven’t seen the physio, and it has really improved my life.